Name Change

Hi everyone, you might be wondering what happened to the Blog, well, I decided to change it up s little. We now post reviews, games, and random stuff. Hope your okay, bye 🙂

Wings Of Fire Names

Here are some Wings Of Fire names:

Nightwing: Moondasher, Starslash, Bloodshadow

Skywing: Quicksilver, Tornado, Skyfire

Rainwing: Splendour, Beauty, Pineapple

Seawing: Riptide, Seaweed, Algae

Sandwing: Sandblast, Heatsear, Scorch

Hivewing: Damselfly, Sawfly, Aphid

Leafwing: Banksia, Maple, Eucalyptus

Silkwings: Violet, Morpho, Monarch,

Thanks, Bye


Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

This is an amazing book full of mystery and action. It follows the story of a teenage boy and girl in a world of traction cities. You will love it if you are an action/mystery lover. It’s very confusing at the start but you will eventually get it. It is fun and joyful, but at the same time dark and mysterious. Read it, I command you. There is a movie adaptation but the book is amazing.