This is a Rick Riordan Book Quiz (Do not do this unless you have read all the Rick Riordan books for kids).

1: What is the name of Percy’s cyclops brother?

2: What is the fate of Hyperion the titan at the end of The Last Olympian?

3: What is the Greek name of Percy’s sword, Riptide?

4: How does Percy defeat the Minotaur in the Lightning Thief?

5: What is the name of Apollo’s favourite mortal physician?

6: What is the name of Apollo’s accomplice in the Trials of Apollo?

7: Who saves Apollo from the eurynomos when he drives the hearse of the highway?


Answers: 1= Tyson, 2= He turns into a tree, 3= Anaklusmos, 4= He breaks off his horn and stabs the Minotaur with it, 5= Hippocrates, 6= Meg McCaffery, 7= Lavinia Asimov

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